Giorgia Lupi
Drawing and Data Visualization: a tool
on Tableau blog
November 2014

Giorgia Lupi
disegnare coi dati
in “Le Mappe del Sapere” (ITA)
Milan, November 2014

Giorgia Lupi
New aesthetics for data narratives

in “New challenges for data design: articles & interviews”, David Bihanic (ed.),
Springer-verlag: London (UK), Summer 2014

Giorgia Lupi
Beautiful reasons

in Malofiej book 21,
Pamplona, (Spain) March 2014
my chapter in pdf:

Ciuccarelli P, Lupi G, Simeone L,
Visualizing the data city
Social media as a source of knowledge for urban planning and management
(Springer book) March 2014

Giorgia Lupi
Non-linear Storytelling: Journalism through “Info-spatial” Composition
in Parsons Journal For information mapping Vol IV, issue 4;
October 2012
article can be found here


PhD related publications:
Ciuccarelli P, Lupi G, Eynard D, Manfredini F, Matteucci M, Caviglia G, Dilda P, Marfia F, Azzi M
Telltale: visualizing the use and perception of cities through digital traces.
In: Morello E, and Piga BEA (eds) EAEA11 2013. Envisioning architecture: Design, evaluation, communication. Edizioni Nuova Cultura, Roma

Giorgia Lupi
Urban Sensing, listening to the digital city
in Tafter Journal
October 2013
article can be found here

Accurat (G.Lupi, S.Quadri, G.Rossi)
Visual Data
weekly column on La Lettura (Corriere della Sera)
visualizations can be found here

L.Simeone, G.Lupi, P.Patelli, S.Iaconesi,
Do it yourself gis: a constructionist, educational toolkit for architecture students,
in “ICALT” the 11th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Rome, July 2012.
working version of the paper can be found here

L.Simeone, G.Lupi, P.Patelli, S.Iaconesi,
Polyphonic images of the city: Mapping new human landscapes through User Generated Content
in “Open participative cities” , Northern World Mandate conference proceedings, Helsinki 2012
working version of the paper can be found here

G.Lupi, S.Quadri
Il vocabolario ristretto di J.K. Rowling
in “La Lettura”, Corriere della Sera, Milan, October 2012 (link)

G.Lupi, S.Quadri
E Montecarlo batte tutti
in “La Lettura”, Corriere della Sera, Milan, August 2012. (link)

G.Lupi, S.Quadri
Studia di più vivrai più a lungo
in “La Lettura”, Corriere della Sera, Milan, July 2012. (link)

Giorgia Lupi
Intercettare il futuro, Paesaggi di informazione e narrative del possibile
in Tools for Culture: frontiere culturali in Italia, cosa succede, cosa succederà. (Ongoing publishing volume curated by Michele Trimarchi e Stefano Monti, Il Mulino, Bologna, 2012.)
a preview of the article (ITA) can be found here

G.Lupi, P. Ciuccarelli
Depicting perceived city-scapes: dynamic visualization tools as a support for urban decision making processes
in Cities in Transformation ─ Research & Design Ideas, Methods, Techniques, Tools, Case Studies, EAAE/ARCC Conference on Architectural Research, (poster session)  Politecnico di Milano,
working version of the poster can be found here
official posters collection here

G.Lupi, P.Patelli, L.Simeone, S. Iaconesi,
Maps of Babel, Urban Sensing through User Generated content
in: Human Cities Symposium 2012 RECLAIMING PUBLIC SPACE, Bruxelles, 2012.
working version of the paper can be found here
full publication here

Giorgia Lupi
Città polifoniche, Visualizzazione di User Generated Content geo-localizzati a supporto della comprensione dei fenomeni urbani, 
in TafterJournal, April 2012

G.Bonello, G.Lupi
Piemonte Facile: a set of public services/app and a way to share knowledge for Piedmont’s citzens
in Planning Support Tools: Policy Analysis, Implementation and Evaluation Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Informatics and Urban and Regional Planning INPUT 2012″ (Editors: Michele Campagna, Andrea De Montis, Federica Isola, Sabrina Lai, Cheti Pira, Corrado Zoppi) (ISBN code: 9788856875973).

Giorgia Lupi
Ecco l’Italia che Cinguetta
in La Lettura, Corriere della Sera, Milan, March 2012

Giorgia Lupi
Le città condivise su Flickr
in La Lettura, Corriere della Sera,  Milan, December 2011

M.Pillan, P.R.Riva, E. Gatti, G. Lupi,
[Game mechanics] & [Phenomena in cognitive and social psychology]: experiments in emotional design for communication, 
in Practicing Theory or: Did Practice Kill Theory, The Swiss Design Network 2011 Symposium, Geneva, 2011.

G.Lupi, S.Quadri,
Quali spazi per Quali Servizi 
in Abitare LʼItalia: Territori, Economie, Disuguaglianze, XIV CONFERENZA SIU, Torino, 2011.

G.Lupi, S.Quadri,
Ideare il Possibile, il nuovo ruolo del pianificatore nel mediscape metropolitano 
in Corriere della Comunicazione, Roma, 2011

G.Lupi, D.Ciuffi, S.Mirti, S.Quadri, P.Patelli, M.Zariello
Id-Lab goes Delta, 
in DROMOS n.0, Roma, 2010.

G.Lupi,P.Patelli, D.Ciuffi, S.Quadri, M.Zariello,
Id-Lab goes on city tour 
in DiiD Disegno Industriale n. 45, Milano 2010.