Mondrian Abstract paintings

This is a very personal and qualitative visual exploration of Mondrian abstract paitings’ evolution through years, with no particular purpose or aim.
Visualized per each painting are the main shapes (e.g. lines’ type, lines’ features, shapes’ features), the artboard size, the artboard main colors and the painting tecnique). The main colors have been mainly recognized through a web tool ( and then fine-tuned through a qualititative observation. The main shapes’ features have been recognized manually.

Download the  high-resolution pdf from here, and email me if you have any suggestions or comments about how to use or improve it.

Mondrian02 total-01

About giorgia lupi

1981 I am an architect that never built any house (luckily). I work with information, designing, researching and drawing a lot. I am co-founder ad design director at Accurat ( I am a PhD student at Milan Politecnico (

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