where are commuters from?

This query aims at discovering geographical clusters of the origin of daily commuters of Milan.
Data has been gathered for 1 month from Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter taking into account only those users that usually (at least 15 days per month) post daily contributions from 2 distinct places: a first place within the boundaries of Milan, a second place outside the city . These commuters’ profiles were then plotted on the map only using the second location, which we recognized as the commuters’ home town.
This way meaningful patterns of origin have been identified and visualized.
The thickness of the lines represent the number of commuters from the specific place.

About giorgia lupi

1981 I am an architect that never built any house (luckily). I work with information, designing, researching and drawing a lot. I am co-founder ad design director at Accurat (www.accurat.it) I am a PhD student at Milan Politecnico (www.densitydesign.org)

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