the perceived safety map

This experiment aims at unveiling the perception of safety in different zones of the city, as well as specific public spaces.
The analysis has been carried through a selection of the geo-tagged contributions (twitter + facebook + flickr + foursquare) that indicates the sentiment of fear (semantical sentiment analysis and relevant hashtags), and the plotting on the map of a 1 month-long extraction of data. Results were then split by gender / time of the day / days of the week in order to find further meaningful insights.
A second analysis has been carried using absolute (non geo-referenced) contribution localized on the map if a recognizable toponym was included in the body of the shared message.

About giorgia lupi

1981 I am an architect that never built any house (luckily). I work with information, designing, researching and drawing a lot. I am co-founder ad design director at Accurat ( I am a PhD student at Milan Politecnico (

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